Sunday, January 08, 2006

First posts are the worst posts

Rowan: This is a mother-daughter blog about knitting. Maisie taught herself to knit, and now is teaching me. I used to knit not, but now I knit Knots. So far I am content to knit lumpy hats and slubby scarves. We like to knit while listening to audiobooks or watching The Simpsons. I recently finished a deflated blue hat knit on four double-pointed needles. It turned out mostly ok, except for the loose cast-on edge, which I knit backward. If looks sort of lacey-droopy. My current project is a narrow cabled scarf (my first cable project--it makes me feel like a REAL knitter), using a gorgeous red unplied silk yarn (Fiesta yarns). I have to keep the yarn ball in a plastic bag while knitting so it won't get fuzzy.

Maisie: Welcome, ye who hear the call of the yarn. We are relatively new knitters, but I have knit a WHOLE LOT in the year that I have knit at all. I enjoy driving my mother insane with Zeppelin and Hendrix, or playing bass when I'm not knitting. The last thing I knit were some cabled Greensleeves I made up. Now my sisters want some. Right now, I am working on a pair of cabled socks from Chicknits out of Lorna's Laces (Black Purl colorway). But, the problem is, the first sock the ribbing was too loose. No problem, I thought, all happy and cheerful and optimistic. I'll just unravel the cast-on edge and knit the ribbing up on size 1 needles! So I unraveled that bit and put the needles in wrong, leading to lots of little sort ends not even long enough to weave in. Undeterred, I continued to knit up the ribbing. Then, I bound off regularly, neglecting to remember that a normal bind-off would be much too tight. I tried, and failed, to put the sock on. I tried several times to do a grafted cast-off, but failed. Please help the poor sock. Also below are The Greensleeves and the new Lorna's Laces. I'll post a picture of my boyfriend wearing the sweater I knit him later.


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