Friday, January 13, 2006

Maisie: Hello everyone (which is nobody so far)! I picked up some really nice blue merino wool at Wild and Wooly Studios because they are having their winter clearance sale. I also got a Rowan pattern book, and am making a sweater for my friend Sarah. The plain old boring socks I'm knitting for my boyfriend, Phil, are progressing slowly but surely and we have started a baby blanket for my aunt's baby. No progress yet on the second leg of the romper that I'm working on for my bass teacher's baby (the legs take for-stinking-ever.) Pictures later, I'm too lazy right now. Plus, I taught knitting at Afterschool today. My students learned very well, but their cheap acyrilic is hard to recover from.

Rowan: When I got home with my new yarns from the Wild and Wooly sale, I realized that I have a stash. Until now, I just thought of the yard beside my bed as a few future projects, but now the pile is growing, so I guess I have to face facts. Which makes me wonder: is there any difference between stashing and hoarding?


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