Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Maisie: I have a confession to make. I have too many WIP's. Exhibit 1: Phil's white-and-navy-blue sock. This sock needs to be ripped out and retried. The sock in general is too loose. I KNOW that Rowan Wool Cotton is not meant for socks, but I won't give up. After his are done (probably when I'm 53), I'm planning to make some red-and-white ones for myself. Exhibit 2: The beautiful, cabled, purple sock. I'm almost there! I only need to finish the foot. Exhibit 3: The cuff of the romper for my bass teacher's baby (shh! don't tell him). The whole thing is giiii-MUNDOUS. I just wish I was at LEAST at the leg already. Exhibit 4: The orange-red, demim Honeysuckle sweater for me. I have included a picture pre-ripping. I've altered it for my own stitch pattern and my own cuffs. I am making moss stitch cuffs that are shorter than the model's in the picture in Simple Knits by Laines Du Nord. Also, I have columns of reverse stockingette stitch that look like those in the Cingular Wireless commericals. The reason I need to rip it out is because with the columns going up as they are now, they won't end before the armhole. So, I just did some serious ripping and re-winding (by hand, and it's not pretty), and I'll redo some tonight. Exhibit 5: the blue Blaze sweater (I like to call it What in Blue Blazes) for my friend Sarah (or Shorty). I'm ALMOST DONE with the armhole at the front. Really I am. 17 out of 20 cm. Go knitter go. And finally, Exhibit 6: some sort of lace sock from Sockbug. Mine does not look like the one in the picture whatsoever, but I have heard tales of the magic of blocking knitted lace, and I like knitting it. This is also out of Lorna's Laces. I'll do some serious knitting tonight, and order the yarn for Trudie's Big Sack Sweater from Stitch N' Bitch for the Knitting Olympics, plus add buttons to our blog, tomorrow. (Most knitters are lucky: they don't have homework.)

Rowan: Au contraire! Knitting is precisely what peple do when they have other work to attend to, but want to avoid it. I know I'd rather knit than pay my bills.
Especially right now, because Maisie got me started on a sock with my excellent Italian self-striping stretchy yarn. While we knit we are listening to "Across the Nightengale Floor" which we downloaded from Audible.com. It's a great way to finish the evening.
I've been wondering about something. Are there any other knitters out there who also like archery? Maisie and I do. Is it something about bowstrings and arrow shafts looking like knitting needles and yarn? Is it the sharp and pointy qualities? Or maybe it has to do with focus and absorption in your task.


Anonymous nancy said...

maisie, don't give up on the white cotton one...many good things can be accomplished by age 53!

Friday, February 10, 2006 3:50:00 AM  

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