Thursday, February 23, 2006

Maisie: Woah. Sorry about the whole not-posting-for-like-forever thing. Just me right now. I have one sleeve started and the two sides finished. I can see the finish line and am working harder than ever. I am winding yarn and I have the pattern for my next big project: Rockstar by Alchemy. Pics later; I only do those with mom.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Maisie: Just me right now. I'm SO excited! The knitting olympics starts (for me) in 38 minutes!

Armed with the Simpsons and some DVDs,
She calculated sizing: 6 inches of ease.
An oversized sweater she'd knit for 2 weeks,
Being thankful she won't have to cut steeks.
She fingered the yarn she had bought from the net,
Thinking of the gold medal she yearned to get.
So the cry rang out over the excited din:
Let the Knitting Olympics begin!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Maisie taught me how to begin turning the heel on my s
ock, but somewhere in the tangled fuzzball of my brains, her instructions slipped a few stitches, and now I have a little extra panel on one needle that is not decreasing. Tonight I'll have to tink back (MORE tinking. A little while ago I didn't know what it meant, now I am over-familiar with the term), until I am at ground zero and then figure out how to do it right. Fortunately, I have a talented and patient teacher.

In other news, my mother in Arizona has decided to join the Knitting Olympics
, and will be making a dog sweater for Moses the puppy. Now there will be a strand of magic healing juju running from Arizona to Boston.

Maisie: Well, I got my yarn! Rowanspun Chunky, and lots of it! The socks for the three nameable friends are going well, and the object(s) for the UNNAMEABLE friend are going well. It was his/her birthday today, so I had better finish the part on it I screwed up. My nana and possibly my teacher want to join the knitting olympics, so Mrs. McCarthy had better tell me by midnight if she wants to knit! Below are pics of the yarn and me winding it.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rowan: I am truly enjoying my favorite combination: Knitting while listening to books from Audible on my iPod. I finished "Across the Nightengale Floor" while on the airplane flying to Arizona to visit my mom after her surgery. Then I thought my mom might enjoy doing the same, so I read aloud to her from Amy Tan's new book "Saving Fish from Drowning" while she knit for a while on my sock. Now the sock has magic healing juju from my mom. I have to get Maisie to show me how to turn the heel pretty soon.

Maisie: Ugh, I am so bad. Four-count 'em: FOUR- new pairs of socks. But I have good reason. Really. The Opal Tiger ones are for my UNNAMEAB
LE FRIEND's birthday. I would have one one and be cruising along on the second one if not for the fact that I did the toe decreases on the top and bottom of the toe, not the sides, so I need to rip back a bit. The pink one is for my friend Louisa, the green for my friend Arjun, and the pukey one for Katy. The sweater for Shorty (Sarah) is pretty much the same as always, with its armholes pretty much done. My orange denim sweater is going along nicely (no pic). All in all, I kinda suck. Yeah.