Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here are photos of Maisie winding yarn balls in preparation to cast on at Opening Ceremonies for the Knitting Olympics. She enlisted help from her father (and pupil), who helped her get it done in time.

The grey and purple is my project
for the Knitting Olympics. It is my first attempt at intarsia, and at the stage in the picture, I had already knit it and tinked it back several times. It is further along now, but I got so proud of myself for figuring out the intarsia that I forgot to follow the pattern and ended up with a purple rectangle. I have put it aside for now.

On the last day of the Winter Games, we attended a Closing Ceremonies party for Team Boston. We met a bunch of great knitters and saw some amazing projects. Maisie had mostly finished her sweater, but I will have to try my hand at the NEXT Olympics.

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